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In the spaces of dialogue created by the RIAC, representatives of the countries from the public and private sector collaborate to analyze the competitive landscape in the Americas, define strategies, and approve annual plans of action to strengthen the exchange and collaboration between countries. Members also develop and approve work resources that guide regional and national efforts to improve competitiveness.

Collection and Transfering of Successful Experiences

The RIAC compiles and facilitates the exchange of successful experiences that promote competitiveness in the Americas. Between 2012 and 2013, more than 100 experiences related to the 10 General Competitiveness Principles were collected and featured in the Signs of Competitiveness in the Americas Reports. The experiences provided by countries and institutions are related to topics such as education; micro, small and medium-sized enterprises; innovation and technology; infrastructure; etc. The Signs Reports are accesible here: 2012 – 2013

Support Subnational Competitiveness in the Countries

One of the priority areas of work of the RIAC is to support the efforts of regions and localities to become more competitive through the exchange of experiences with other subregions, countries and institutions. The RIAC has a group of experts focusing on Subnational Competitiveness, which meets to discuss and define strategies that guide the work of the subregions and supports the implementation of national and regional forums. As part of the technical assistance that is provided to countries, the initiate organizes workshops, offers support to subnational competitiveness agendas and provides technical cooperation. One example of this, was the technical cooperation that was offered by Colombia and Mexico in the reformulation of Guatemala’s commercial code.

Events, Dialogues and Workshops

Annually, the RIAC supports the organization of the Americas Competitiveness Forum (ACF). In the context of the ACF the RIAC organizes the following events: RIAC Annual Meeting of Ministers, Competitiveness Authorities and Councils of the Americas; Conference with Experts on Subnational Competitiveness; Meeting of High-Level Competitiveness Authorities of Central America, Workshop for Competitiveness Authorities of the Caribbean. In addition to these annual events, a series of other meetings and activities, webinars and workshops are organized during the year to deepen the exchange of experiences among countries. The Calendar of Events can be access here

Dissemination of Information

Through the website, social media, the Twitter, Flickr and Youtube accounts, and other channels, we give visibility to the efforts of the RIAC and the latest information on competitiveness on the national, regional and international level. 

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